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I have a couple of prayer requests today.  But first, I have to tell you that things are much better with Jo… SOMEONE must have felt sorry for her after reading the last post about me being such a terrible mother lately and said a prayer for her!  🙂  Well, it worked and we had a break-through this weekend.  So, thank you whoever you are.   I changed some methods and it encouraged her to step up to a new level of maturity and we are all appreciating peaceable fruit as a result.  Thank God we have the ability to evaluate our lives and change them when necessary!

So on to the prayer requests: please pray for two of the young children waiting to come home to their families from the Acres of Hope orphanage.   They are both special needs children and are very sick right now.  It is crucial for their paperwork to go through quickly so they can come home soon to receive medical care.  Please lift them up in prayer (and their concerned parents and caregivers in Liberia as well.)  The little girl’s name is Mia Grace and the little boy is my friend Robin’s son, Joseph.  Thanks!

I also wanted to share a link to this post on my friend, Lauren’s blog.  Today is American Life League’s Pro-life Memorial Day dedicated to remembering the 48,000,000 babies that have been killed under the banner of pro-choice since 1973.   Once again, the statistics are overwhelming, but this is an opportunity to pray for one of those numbers… a real little baby — please join in prayer that this precious life is spared.

And last, but not least, things have moved very quickly with the “interesting situation” I wrote about a few days ago.  Peter drove to Spokane yesterday and brought Ahmad here. He will be staying with us and working with Peter in the shop.  There is actually a lot more to the story than this simple explanation, but due to privacy issues, I feel I need to limit what I share here.  We would, however, deeply appreciate your prayers as we are seeking God for further direction.  If you would like more of the story to pray specifically, please email me, and I will share it privately. 

It is an incredible opportunity to have a Liberian living with us.  It is fascinating to talk to him.  He remembers life in Liberia before the war and it has been interesting discussing his political, economic and social perspective about the state of his country and what he sees as the key areas that need the most focus.  We’ve discussed what it really takes to re-build a country that has been as devastated and torn apart as Liberia and the importance of building a strong foundation — even though it can take more time and not seem as productive to focus on infrastructure.  Ahmad has been through so much, as has the rest of the country.  He has experienced and seen terrible things — things we can’t even comprehend.  I have read several books about what this country has faced and they have impacted me and stirred my heart to action… but it hits home in such a deep, real way to look across the table and hear this man share the reality of his life.  It is no longer words in a book that I can close when they become too graphic — it is real flesh and blood… and not half-way across the world, but in my living room…   

I have had an interesting conversation going with Julie Redman the last couple days, and she put it so well:  Nothing (in terms of reaching out and helping people) can compare with personal involvement… touching an individual’s life… seeing the results of the destruction and the need for involvement first-hand.  It has impacted us… to say the least.   

And on a very practical level, it is fascinating to learn more about our son’s country and culture and traditions first-hand.  I will ask him the question you asked, Diane.  And if anyone else has any burning questions for him, email me!  It will certainly trigger some more interesting dinner conversation!  And speaking of dinner, I have been grateful for the Liberian recipes on my yahoo group… I used them to get an idea of meals to prepare.  I certainly didn’t think the first Liberian at my table was going to be a full-grown man!  🙂 


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