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The kids and I drove home last night from my parent’s house in Spokane where we’ve been staying the last week since Peter flew out.  I had to drive the business truck and trailer home (Peter was on an install right before he left.)  Definitely not my favorite thing to do — it’s such a long truck and trailer.  But we made it without knocking any telephone poles over and it’s nice to be home.  Henry, especially, seemed so happy and relieved to be back in his own room and in his own bed.  I think he’s been having a hard time with Peter gone and while we were snuggling last night before bed he smiled sleepily and asked hopefully, “Daddy — shop?”  (This is what he asks me when Peter is working late at the shop and I am putting him to bed.)  I didn’t say anything in response;  I just let him keep his little illusion.  He must have felt better thinking that Daddy was just across the road rather than in some faraway place because he actually slept well last night — a rarity this week. 

We did come home to the lovely surprise of bird poop all over the house… I guess the back door was left open and Donna said that she discovered and freed two birds flapping at the windows inside my house at two separate times.  Nice.  The insides of the windows and the window sills were just nasty — and there was evidence on the floor and the tables and the couch.  Eh… JUST what I wanted to come home to!  Oh well, you roll with it.  At least Sophie (our boxer/lab) hadn’t chewed anything important while we were gone this time. 

I talked to Peter again this afternoon before he went to bed.  He had a great day with Matt of ORR.  They went to several of the orphanages that ORR works with and then ended with a tour and dinner on the Mercy Ship.  Peter also met with someone from LEAD and another organization today.  He sounds tired but still really stoked.  Several times when I’ve spoken with him in the last couple days, he’s been outside playing ball or some other game with a whole crew of local kids.  They’ve been teaching him to drum, too.  Peter is in his element with kids and I know he is glad to take the time to just play with them. 

Yesterday on the phone we were laughing because there was a squirrel playing across the street from me as I sat on my parent’s front porch and there was a monkey playing right across the street from Peter. 🙂  The day before he told me about Ahmad gunning the little car they rented across an almost-knee-deep moat blocking the driveway.  It’s the rainy season and Peter said he’s never seen it rain like it rains in Liberia.  I love hearing all the little stories from his trip.  I’ll try to get him to do a guest post with pictures when he gets back! 

Mostly, though, I just love hearing about the people he’s met that we are going to be able to help.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to know that even just once, we will be making a difference in people’s lives — and hopefully on an ongoing basis with some of them.  I love hearing him talk about the widow making baskets on her back porch with her six kids and about the tailor who is apprenticing three young men… and the wood-carver who is supporting his extended family through his carvings.  Everyone that Peter has met with has been so excited about the possibilities… from the artisans themselves to the people he’s met from various organizations working in Liberia.  There is a lot of work to be done still, but we are seeing how this could work and really make a difference.  I am so excited about Peter coming home to share more about his trip and where he sees things going.  He’d better be taking good notes!!!


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